It's time to think Decking!

It’s that time of year again.  The long, dark days are becoming a thing of the past and we’re finally experiencing some warmer weather too! 

As we begin to see the third national lockdown eased, it’s likely that interactions between our friends and loved ones will be limited to our garden and outdoor spaces for a while.  So, you’re no doubt thinking about how you can get your garden looking its best when the time comes to see our friends and family again!

Deck the Floors

One way to give your garden an instant transformation whilst creating more space to spend with your loved ones is to install a new decking area.  We know that money is tight for a lot of people at the moment but that shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your garden renovation. 

Littlefair's Decking Oil Plus

One cost-saving strategy is to purchase the decking as bare wood and treat it yourself.  New wood, treated with oil to give it long-term protection, can look stunning, as above.  But this approach also enables you to choose the exact colour you want, rather than being restricted to whatever colour decking you can find in your price range.

Littlefair's grey wood stain on decking

Our Grey Range contains four beautiful shades of dyes, all of which can be used on outdoor timber.  The beautiful image above shows decking finished in one liberal coat of Moonlight Grey, then sealed and protected with our Decking Oil Plus.

If you’re looking for a darker shade, you can see our Ironstone Grey transforming this old, tired decking:

Littlefair's grey wood stain on decking

Whilst the Grey Range is suitable for all outdoor timber, sealing and protecting it is a good long-term approach to saving yourself time on maintenance in the future.

This is where our new Superior Decking Oil Plus comes in.  Completely clear, this waterproof oil will protect the wood from mould and algae growth without peeling or flaking.  It will also enable you to use any colour you like beneath without altering the appearance.

You could, of course, just use a coloured decking oil to achieve your colour and protection at the same time.  But taking the time to dye the wood first, followed by an application of clear oil, will give you such a better depth of colour as the dye will penetrate the actual wood, rather than coat it. A coloured oil is more of a diluted ‘tint’ and you’ll struggle to achieve the same rich finish.

What we mean by ‘natural’ anti-slip properties is that nothing has been added to our Superior Decking Oil Plus to give it this benefit. 

Have you tried our products in your garden?  We’d love to see your photos in our Facebook Fan Forum!

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