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Littlefair's Water Based Wood Dye - Traditional Range


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Interior Use - Non-Toxic - Low Odour - Quick Drying - Easy Brush Clean - Lightfast

Littlefair's brings you a unique formula that penetrates the wood to produce an authentic hardwood colour on timber such as furniture, doors, skirting boards, architraves, mouldings and floors.

Littlefair's wood dyes are water based which means they are non-toxic and have a very low odour. They are easy to use; quick drying and very easy to clean off your brush.

Littlefair's wood dyes are lovingly bottled by hand in the North West of England using the unique colour formulae created by Mr Littlefair himself.

At Littlefair's Wood Finishing Products we pride ourselves on providing the best personal customer service. If you have any questions regarding the use of Littlefair's products then please do not hesitate to contact.

Littlefair's wood dye produces the more natural 'positive' grain effect. Most other wood stains are more easily absorbed into the softer areas of the wood between the darker details of the natural grain. This results in the 'negative' stain effect as it causes the softer area to go darker which in turn leads the actual grain appearing lighter. Littlefair's wood stain enhances the darker details of the natural wood grain and produces the desired natural finish.

When dry, Littlefair's Clear Wax Polish will seal and protect the colour and can be buffed to create a natural sheen. Littlefair's Water Based Extra Strong Varnish will provide tough protection and can be wax polished to create a durable soft feel. If you need your project to be highly water repellent then apply Littlefair's Superior Wood Finishing Danish Oil before waxing.

Struggling to choose your colour? The Tester Pots provide 15ml samples of each colour within our Traditional Range.  We always recommend trying our tester pots first to check you are happy with the appearance.

Whilst every attempt has been made to make our example images as realistic as possible the actual finished colour you achieve on your project may be slightly different due to either your monitor settings or the type and condition of the wood you are working with.

Coverage: Approximately 12 square metres per litre (one coat).

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