Please Welcome Khuzaima Farooq!


Littlefair’s are pleased to announce the appointment of Khuzaima Farooq to our team!


Khuzaima will be based in our sales support centre in Blackburn and will be the first point of contact for many of our clients who contact Littlefair’s by telephone or email. Joining  Littlefair’s on an apprentice scheme, which will last 14 months, Khuzaima will be working towards an industry accreditation in Customer Service, where he’ll undertake numerous tasks such as: taking orders, answering customer queries and overall developing his experience and skills whilst providing excellent customer service!

In the last 18 months we have grown from just 4 employees to now over 21 and we now welcome Khuzaima to the company. Littlefair’s continues to grow!


  • Lauren @ Littlefair's

    Thank you for all your kind words regarding Khuzaima and fantastic feedback about Littlefair’s! :)

  • Mary Gribbin

    Just bought my first product from you and it’s excellent – you are now my favourite. Good luck!

  • Martine

    Welcome to khuzaima in your team.
    Hope he ll enjoyed the experience working for a great company
    Nice to hear it’s expending, well deserved for your excellent service and products

  • Gill Barron

    All good wishes to Khuzaima.
    I have just been using your Titan product on the white oak interior finish for our boat. I really is the best varnish I have ever used for this sort of work. Fantastic!

    Best wishes
    Gill Barron

  • Barry

    Nice to see a small company running an apprenticeship scheme

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