Bespoke Colour Service

Bespoke Colour Service

Bespoke Colour Service

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Thank you for considering our Bespoke Service.

At Littlefair’s we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we want to ensure that your finished project is exactly what you were looking for.  To help you achieve this we have a few options in place:

Help Centre & FAQs - please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Here you will find a wide range of common queries and helpful answers.

Tester Pots - did you know that we offer 15ml Tester Pots for our entire range of Water Based Wood Dyes? Tester Pots are a great way to test our products, allowing you to find the perfect finish that you’re looking for.  We provide detailed instructions and helpful advice with each Tester Pot order.

If, after browsing our entire range and trying the options above you have still not found exactly what you’re looking for then please try out our Bespoke Service:

Our wood finishing expert, Les Littlefair will create the exact product you want.  Whether this be a particular colour or type of finish Les will work with passion to achieve your perfect project finish. 

Here’s how it works:

1. .Choose your product type and size and place your Bespoke Order on our website

2. Follow up your order with an email to  Within the email please include the following:

I.  Your Order Number as the email subject

II. Detailed information of the finish you’re trying to achieve

III. Any internet links to examples etc.

IV. Any photographs (for example, skirting board that you’re trying to colour match)

V. Your telephone number

3. Les will use this information (and may contact you) to develop your bespoke product.

4. We will send you your product (we will aim to dispatch this within 7 days of receiving your email).

5. Should you want more product in the future please email us (we will have kept the details of the product and will be able to produce more of it!).

Please note: Drums range from 18ltr to 25.5ltr due to a combination of the manufacturing processes and to allow plenty of space for the product to be mixed.


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