Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours

SKU: 5060359975355
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours
Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours

Exterior Wood Dye - Woodland Colours

SKU: 5060359975355
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Water Based & Safe - Environmentally Friendly - Non-Toxic

Easy To Apply - Quick Drying - Lightfast - Easy Brush Clean

 Drying Time

The dye will dry quickly in warm conditions and can be re-coated, if required after approximately 1-2 hours.

Please note: this is an approximate drying time. There could be a number of factors that may affect this. 


Littlefair's Woodland Colours should be applied quite liberally and should cover approximately 8-10m² per litre, for one liberal coat, but you will use more on rougher sawn wood. If you’re measuring your decking remember to allow for the greater surface area due to the grooves in the boards and the edge surfaces of the wood.

Littlefair’s Exterior Range Woodland Colours are made using a unique formula which allows the dye to both penetrate and bond with the wood to create an enduring, light fast depth of colour. The dye becomes part of the wood and will not flake or peel.

Littlefair's Woodland Colours are intended to mingle pleasantly into their surroundings, particularly your garden and outdoor areas. The dyes have been made a little stronger in colour to overcome the background green appearance often seen on pressure treated wood, such as decking, fence panels and garden buildings. A single liberal coat may well give sufficient coverage and depth of colour, but a further coat or coats will deepen the shade.

Safe Water Based Wood Dye

Our Water Based Exterior Wood Dyes are safe to use for you, your pets and the environment. They can also be used indoors if a particular colour is suitable for your project and they can be further finished with any of our wax polishes, oils or varnishes.

Colour Reproduction

The images in this listing include one liberal coat of dye (applied along the grain to rough sawn pine), finished in two coats of Superior Decking Oil Plus.

We endeavour to reproduce our colours and finishes as accurately as possible - both online and in print. However there are a range of factors to consider when comparing our samples to your chosen project: the type and condition of the surface itself may produce a slightly different appearance of the finished colour. Please bear in mind the shape, size and lighting conditions.


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It’s important to note that the final appearance will be a combination of the natural colour of your wood, the effect of the dye and the finishing product if used. With this in mind - always produce a test piece so you can properly judge the result. 

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