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Littlefair's Water Based Wood Dye - Special Range


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Non toxic - low odour - quick drying - easy brush clean - lightfast

Littlefair's wood stains are lovingly bottled by hand in the North West of England using the unique colour formulae created by Mr Littlefair himself.

At Littlefair's Wood Finishing Products we pride ourselves on providing the best personal customer service.  If you have any questions regarding the use of Littlefair's products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

This wood dye has been specially formulated to both penetrate and coat new and old bare wood to create that Police Public Call Box colour.

Create a fine finish:  Water based wood dyes have many advantages and create the best possible colour tones but have a tendency to raise the grain.  However, this problem is easily overcome – dampen the wood with water (a spray mist, sponge or cloth is suitable), allow to dry and complete by fine sanding the raised grain flat.

Create a ‘shabby-chic’ appearance:  The dye will also work well on roughly sanded or sawn timber. Try it as a pale wash applied sparingly or build up a strong ‘chalky’ look with several coats.


Mix it up!  Pour half the contents into a jug and replace cap.  Shake the bottle vigorously. Re-fill the cap before shaking again.  Periodically shake during use.
Apply liberally and evenly along the grain using a good quality paint brush. 

You may like the look of a single coat.  However, a light second coat will deepen the colour and mask unsightly grain or knots if a more uniform coverage is desired.
But first, experiment with off-cuts.
When dry, Littlefair’s Clear Wax Polish will seal and protect the colour and can be buffed to create a natural sheen.
Littlefair’s Water Based Extra Strong Varnish will provide tough protection and can be wax polished to create a durable soft feel.
If you need your project to be highly water repellent then applyLittlefair’s Superior Wood Finishing Danish Oil before waxing.


Coverage: Approximately 12 square metres per litre (one coat).

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