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Tester Pots - Floor Fast Varnish

Littlefair's bring you a very tough, hardwearing finish formulated to protect new or re-sanded soft or hardwood floors from knocks, scratches and spillages.

This is a quick drying, low odour, non-yellowing water based varnish. Ideal for protecting soft and hardwood floors and many other areas that require a durable surface. It can be applied to most types of wood and manufactured boards, such as plywood and MDF. It can also be used on concrete and unsealed terracotta. The varnish will be touch dry in approximately 20 minutes and can usually be re-coated after 2 hours in suitable conditions. Therefore, a floor can be walked on within the day.

Due to it being water based your brush will be very easy to clean and with very low VOCs there will be hardly any odour.

If you are applying the varnish over Littlefair’s Water Based Floor Dye it should be possible to both dye the wood and apply two full coats of varnish in a day, after an early start!

To help you achieve the perfect finish you're looking for we offer 50ml Tester Pots of all our 10 floor dye colours, 3 varnish finishes and our pre-conditioner. These can be purchased individually or as a Tester Kit which contains all of the above.

Our products come complete with easy to follow yet comprehensive instructions to guide you through every step, including preparing the wood. Should require any further help please feel free to get in touch for expert advice.

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