Introducing Our Brand New Flooring Range!

Introducing our Brand New Flooring Range!

 Littlefair's Pre-Dye ConditionerLittlefair's Floor DyeLittlefair's Floor Fast Varnish

Developed using decades of experience and expert knowledge, we are very excited to introduce our brand new flooring range. 

Our intention was to deliver a range of products that are easy to use whether you’re in the trade or a DIY novice.  The range includes three products intended to enhance new or re-sanded floor boards – products that you can trust on your floor from the very start through to completion of your project – and we’d like to use this blog to take you through them.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Firstly, with any project, preparation is everything which is why we recommend sanding your floor boards first, as evenly as possible.  Then, consider what kind of finish you’d like to achieve.  Are you looking for a ‘rustic, aged’ effect or a more modern, brighter look?  Should it be the latter, we recommend  our Pre-Conditioner to begin your project.  This formula will penetrate bare pine and porous hardwoods, partially sealing the grain to allow the dye to colour the wood more evenly.   A generous single coat will do and it will be touch dry in minutes!  

Still, give it a couple of hours before applying our Water Based Floor Dye  to ensure you have the ideal surface for our dye to penetrate beautifully.

Littlefair's Floor Dye

Colour to dye for!

Now for the exciting bit – time to bring your floorboards to life!  We offer ten stunning colours of water based floor dye based on the most popular colours of our water based wood dye range. 

Light Stripped PineAfrican EbonyAnglian OakEnglish WalnutFumed OakGilded OakMellowed PineModern OakSeawashed WhiteSienna Mahogany

The dye itself is a unique formula designed to penetrate the wood to create an authentic hardwood colour on new or re-sanded floorboards.  A single liberal coat can be applied but further coats will give you a deeper, richer colour if desired. 

As for the colours, our Light Stripped Pine floor dye will create that beautiful 'old stripped pine' look, whilst English WalnutFumed OakAnglian OakGilded Oak, Modern Oak and Sienna Mahogany floor dye will create a beautiful, authentic hardwood colour and Mellowed Pine will create a beautiful, old dark pine look. 

Looking for black or white? Our African Ebony floor dye can be applied as a light wash or easily build up to a dense blackness with further coats whilst Seawashed White can be applied as a light wash or easily build up to a strong 'chalky' white with further coats. 

The dye is quick-drying and lightfast.  Due to it being water based your brush will be very easy to clean and with very low VOCs there will be hardly any odour – perfect, even if we say so ourselves!

Littlefair's Floor Dye

(The above floor has been finished in Light Stripped Pine)

What a finish!

Now, to finish the job.  Our water based Floor Fast Varnish offers a very tough, hardwearing finish formulated to protect your floor from knocks, scratches and spillages.  What’s more, this varnish is quick-drying, non-yellowing and, like the pre-conditioner and dye, carries a low odour.  The beauty of the quick-drying element is that you should be able to apply our floor dye and two coats of the varnish all in one day – after an early start!

We offer three finishes of the varnish – Matt, Satin and Gloss – and, we know what you’re thinking at this point… 10 colours of dye? Three varnish finishes?  Do I go for the modern finish with pre-conditioner or leave it rustic? How can I possibly decide??

We offer 15ml Tester Pots in each of our floor dyes. However, we do not sell Tester Pots in our varnishes or pre-conditioner. 

Have you used our flooring products?  We’d love to hear from you and see any photos.  Or, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Littlefair's Floor Dye


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