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About us

Les G. Littlefair began his life as a connoisseur of wood stain in 2001 when he began stocking other people’s products in his Lancashire based bric-a-brac shop. After seeing how well the product sold, he decided he could do an even better job himself. Originally a joiner, Les is a perfectionist of all things wood and set about developing a formula that would enhance any untreated wood, new or old. He wanted his product to be easy to use, environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at. After months of perfecting his product, he began selling his first small range – Antique Stripped Pine, English Oak, Golden Oak and Dark Red Mahogany.

Such was the success of his first colours, he decided to leave the bric-a-brac life behind and dedicate his full time to developing more and more colours. Working from his basement at home, he produced classics such as Black Ebony and Golden Pine, colours that today are staple favourites of the Littlefair’s range. 

After some years of stocking his product in various outlets around the North West (by now, Les had added a range of varnish, wax polish and finishing oil to his armoury), he recruited his son, Rob, to the business. Les and Rob worked closely to sell their products in more and more outlets around the North West, in addition to online. This growth saw the company move out of Les’ basement and into a fit-for-purpose unit in Darwen.

These days, Littlefair’s Wood Finishing Products stocks 22 stunning colours of wood stain varying from traditional to pastel shades. Les is constantly thinking of new ideas so this range will only continue to grow and we look forward to introducing our range to the world!

Les G. Littlefair