Titan Topcoat

SKU: 5060359974341
Titan Topcoat
Titan Topcoat
Titan Topcoat
Titan Topcoat

Titan Topcoat

SKU: 5060359974341
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Indoor & Outdoor Use - Clear Satin Finish - Water Based Topcoat

Quick Drying - Non-yellowing - Low odour - Heat resistant

Stain resistant - Biocide free

     Drying Time

    Touch dry in approximately 30 minutes and can be recoated after 2-3 hours in suitable conditions. 

    Please note: this is an approximate drying time. There could be a number of factors that may affect this. 


    Approx. coverage of 12m² per litre, for one liberal coat.

    Titan Topcoat is a quick drying, low odour, non-yellowing clear satin varnish. It is a multipurpose, tough but flexible waterproof coating. It can be applied to most types of wood and sheet materials, such as plywood and MDF. In addition, it will bond to many other surfaces including masonry, concrete, terracotta, metal and laminates.

    This waterproof varnish is perfect for surfaces that need to be waterproofed and hygienic such as bathroom and kitchen floors, cafes and bars, laminate floors and outdoor furniture.

    This is not recommended for use with our oils.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Titan Topcoat can be diluted with cold water for a variety of purposes including spray application or to create a thinner basecoat sealer before applying further coats. Further dilution will produce an excellent primer for new plasterwork prior to painting. If you are applying this coating over Littlefair's Water Based Wood Dye, it should be possible to both dye the wood and apply two full coats to your project within the day, after an early start.




    It’s important to note that the final appearance on wood will be a combination of the wood’s natural colour, the effect of the dye (if used) and Titan Topcoat. With this in mind - always produce a test piece so you can properly judge the result. 

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