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Water Based Wood Stain / Wood Dye

What coverage does the dye provide?

I want to buy your black wood stain and as it's my first time using stain I am worried that it will not cover the filler that I've applied to the bed I'm restoring. Could i mix a bit of stain with filler and apply to reach the same colour?

If I use the dye over bare wood, could I in the future paint over them with white satin etc? Or would the dye come through the paint?

What is the best way to finish the dye? I'm not sure whether to use wax alone or danish oil, or a combination of the two.

I am looking to buy the dye golden pine and like the sample of the wood in the picture, could you tell me the process you used to get to that colour and also the other products I will need from your shop.

How long it will take to dry? I'll be applying with a brush to new sanded wood.

Could I use it on plywood? Once stained and dried is it completely resistant to water and such?

I recently had some wooden door thresholds fitted and need to stain them. Will this stain help to blend in a couple of places where the wood has been sanded? The thresholds are a lacquered oak effect.

Can you use your water based wood stain on outdoor furniture?

Can you use the dye on pre-stained hardwoods or do you have to strip?

I have a stain on my small light oak table, not very big, will this get the stain out and re colour my table?

Is the wood stain food-safe?

Should I apply the wood stain with a brush, or can I use a cloth?

How long can the wood stain / wood dye be stored?

Do I need to rub down the wood with wire wool between coats?

Is there any benefit to applying a pre-stain conditioner?

Can a polyurethane varnish be applied to the wood stain / dye?

Can the wood stain / dye be applied to a kitchen worktop?

Are the wood stains / dyes pet safe?

Will the wood dye stain filler?

Will this wood dye raise the grain when applied?

How long should I wait between coats?

Can the dye be applied to plywood?

Is this dye robust enough to apply to stair treads?

Can the wood dye be applied to veneer?

Can the wood dye be applied to lamimate?

Is sanding from 150 to 240 on redwood too high for dye to absorb?

We have used Moonlight Grey on our freshly sanded bannister on our stairs, it is not grey but blue, is there a problem with the batch?

What finish is achieved? Matt, Satin or Gloss?

Extra Strong Varnish

Can the varnish be used to seal chalk paint?

Is the varnish Polyurethane?

Will the varnish show water stains from spillages that are not wiped up immediately?

Can the varnish be used over milk paint to seal the surface?

How many coats should I apply?

How long should I wait between coats?

What is the coverage of the varnish?

Is there a minimum temperature in which to use the varnish?

Can you apply the varnish with a cloth?

Can the varnish be used on a kitchen worktop beside a sink and gas hob?

Can the varnish be used to protect acrylic paintings?

Can the varnish be sprayed?

Does the varnish produce a yellow effect?

Can this water based varnish only be used over water based wood dye?

Is this a thick or thin varnish?

Do I use this before or after painting the wood with colour?

Would this product be durable enough for stair treads?

Is this varnish considered "toy safe"?

Can you mix the Littlefair's wood satins with the varnish to create custom finishes?

Could this varnish be used on an external door?

Would this be suitable on furniture that has had decoupage applied?

Can I use this over your Driftwood stain? I do not want the floor to look too shiny.

Can I use it on aluminium?

Is this durable enough to use on a pine living room floor?

Will this remove a musky wood smell?

Is this food safe?

Can you use this over wallpaper to protect the paper?

Wax Polish

Can this wax polish be used without using a stain first?

Can I use this on an already waxed surface?

Should the wax be buffed between coats?

Can the Wax Polish be used outdoors?

What is the coverage?

Can I use this product on my stairs?

What do I use to clean the brush after use?

I intend on using this over one of your pastel dyes. What do you recommend using to buff with after painting on the wax?

Finishing Oils

Can the oils be used on top of the waxed finish to waterproof it or is it for use on the bare wood before waxing?

The shelf unit I will be staining is in the bathroom, what do you stock that would be steam resistant?

Are the oils food and toy safe?

Do the oils have any additives, solvents or driers in?

Can the oils be used outside?

Does this product dry clear and matt?

How long should I wait between coats?

How 'orange' is the tint in Danish Oil? Is it a different tint on different woods?

Is there any products that are not suitable for Danish Oil?

How waterproof is Danish Oil? Does the amount of coats applied increase how waterproof the oil is?

Does Danish Oil contain Tung Oil?

How much white spirit is needed to thin down the Decking Oil Plus if spraying?

What type of wood can you apply Decking Oil Plus on? Which types of wood are not recommended?

Can this be used to treat raised beds for vegetables?

Can this be used on an untreated solid wood chopping board?


I am restoring an old coffee table. Can you please recommend how I would use your products to do this?

I am staining air dried oak, intending to use it in a bathroom. What would you recommend as a really waterproof finish without plasticising the wood? What would you recommend?

Can I use your products on a fish tank?

When should I varnish my floor after staining it?

Hi I was wondering if your wood stains and varnish are pet safe, and could they be used for indoor or outdoor use. Could also be used to smarten up a rabbit hutch?

I am looking for a water-based wood stain suitable for use on children's play equipment (specifically a picnic bench table style sand pit). Would your Littlefair's Environmentally Friendly Water Based Wood Stain & Dye be suitable for this?

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