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Littlefair's Superior Worktop Oil


Food safe - Easy to apply & clean - Quick drying - Soft satin sheen - Safe for toys

Littlefair's Superior Wood Finishing Worktop Oil will provide a deep penetrating long lasting protection for your worktops that won’t peel or flake, whilst enhancing the natural colour and beauty of the wood.

Excellent for waterproofing Littlefair’s Water Based Wood Dyes, this oil will provide a tough natural finish that is safe for food and toys.

Littlefair’s Worktop Oil is a high-quality tung-based treatment for preparing wooden worktops prior to installation and should then be used for continual oiling and maintenance. 

This oil is also ideal for renovating and repairing older damaged worktops that have been re-sanded,

The worktop oil It is easy to apply with a cotton cloth or brush, is quick drying and only carries a low odour - none at all when dry!

This oil will truly nourish and protect your wood!

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