On the Crest of a Wave!

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Well, we’re at the end of another week! We hope it’s been a good one for you. It’s certainly been an eventful one across the pond with Donald Trump beating Hilary Clinton to the Presidency of the United States. The impact across the world has already been felt – we even noticed a drop in sales as practically the whole world stopped everything they were doing on Tuesday night to wait for the results (they’ve thankfully picked up again since!) It should definitely be an interesting four years for the world’s economy and, as a small business, we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on it.

Closer to home, we couldn’t start without talking about the stunning picture attached to this blog post which was shared with us this week by one of our customers. He has been painstakingly building a model of the HMS Victory and he’s finished it using our Very Red Mahogany, Golden Oak and Light Oak wood stains. He finished the hull with 90% Light Oak and 10% Golden Oak to give a copper effect.


It is this kind of project that gets us excited about our product. To think that a small bottle of wood stain can contribute to something so spectacular really does make our jobs worthwhile! Remember to keep sharing your pictures with our Facebook and Twitter accounts using #Littlefairs.

Knock Knock!

We’ve had a few visitors to Littlefair Towers this week. Firstly, Dawn from Parcel Station arrived to get us started with their company. As we continue to grow, we need a more efficient shipping service as Marc’s Toyota Yaris has has been struggling to contain all the parcels on his daily run to the post office. He tried staining it Tardis’h Blue in an attempt to make it feel larger inside, but to no avail. Parcel Station works with various couriers to ensure a more efficient service so we look forward to working with them.

“Uncle” Nick and his lovely wife Kaz then turned up on Friday looking for a product to finish their new decking at home. Now, you might have noticed that we don’t yet stock a decking oil but Les is constantly experimenting with new products and is using Nick and Kaz as a test case in developing a decking oil. They chose their favourite colour from the selection below – opting for Light Sycamore – and Les will now get to work so watch this space!

Les’s Laboratory

Not only is Les experimenting with decking oil, he’s been working on an outdoor version of our wood dye. Currently only suitable for indoor projects, he’s been developing a weather-proof version whilst keeping it water-based and environmentally-friendly. His laboratory, or “back yard” as some might call it is slowly filling up with various coloured pieces of wood – five of which can be seen below!

Lest We Forget

As today is the 11th November, we couldn’t end without a note to all the fallen heroes who gave their lives for our freedom. Lest we forget.


Lest We Forget

Posted by British Armed Forces 'The Best' on Thursday, November 10, 2016