Welcome To Our New Website!

Well, hello there and welcome to our first blog post. We’re new to this so please bear with us!

It’s been a big two years for Littlefair’s. From the humble beginnings of Les G. Littlefair experimenting with various wood dye colours in his bathtub, we’re now a team of three operating out of a fit-for-purpose unit in Darwen, Lancashire. From selling in a few outlets around the north west of England, we’re now selling around the world via the magic of the world wide web (who would have thought a few clicks of a mouse could result in a Dutchman staining his coffee table in our Light Oak?!)

After selling on eBay and Amazon (check out our reviews!), we decided it was high time we got a website. This would enable us to showcase our products all in one place, improve customer engagement, of course, let us ramble on to the world via this blog.

So, I mentioned we’re a team of three. If you’ve read our about us section, you’ll know that Les was joined by his son Rob in 2014 who quickly set about establishing our online presence. As sales soon grew, they realised it was time to gain another pair or hands. After more experimenting in Les’s bathtub, it became clear that a robot would not be the answer (if anyone finds him, please return to Darwen) and so they turned to me – I’m Marc, hello! My role is to help continue growing our online presence and build customer relations. So, if you’re one of our valued stockists, you’ll be hearing from me soon if you haven’t already had that pleasure!

Exciting Week!

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? It’s only 7-and-a-bit weeks until Christmas and we’re getting busy. I mentioned we now sell internationally and we’ve just sold our usual 20 litres of Very Red Mahogany to an S. Claus of the North Pole. It’s strange, he only seems to order once a year.

This week has been as quick as any. We started on Monday with a meeting with Phil from Viking Web Design who came over and gave us his much needed website expertise. It turns out there’s a lot more to building a website than just Googling things. In return for his time, he asked for some Medium Oak for a chicken coup he was building that afternoon. We waited for the punchline but it never came so off he went with his wood dye. If he builds chicken coups half as well as he builds websites then those chickens are in for a life of luxury!

The rest of the week has really been taken up with getting this website off the ground and fulfilling our many orders. As it is half-term week (next week for many!) it’s time for those little projects. We love being part of these and always encourage our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share them with us via #Littlefairs. When we’re bottling and packing the products, it’s always nice to imagine what masterpiece we’ll be contributing to!

Life on the Road

Whilst Rob and I have been busy at the unit trying to grow our online empire, Les has been hitting the road visiting our outlets. The various stockists who retail our wood dye, varnish, wax polish and Danish oil are vital to our business and it’s our fantastic relationship with them that has enabled us to grow. He’s recently visited Decor8 in Glossop, and Marsland Timber and Farball Coatings in Harrogate so check out our products there if you’re in the area!

Well, that’s it from us this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed our first blog post and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Question? Feel free to get in touch.