Let's Get Creative with Upcycling!

The latest trend of upcycling furniture is still burning bright.  Ever found that you have the perfect piece of furniture in mind for your house or workplace, but no matter how hard you try you just cannot find what you’re looking for? Upcycling is the perfect solution! Whilst that aged and old piece of furniture may look out of place right now, with the help of some quality wood stain and wax you can work your magic so it fits seamlessly into your theme. Not only will this cost you a fraction of the price, but you’ll most likely get a solid piece that will stand the test of time. And you may just have fun too.

Pick of the bunch

For starters you need to pick your piece of furniture. Whether you have an old item that needs some care and attention or you are on the lookout for the perfect piece to lovingly treat, now is the time to decide.

To stain or not to stain

All you have to do is open up Pinterest or Google to find hundreds of ways to upcycle. Picking the best method will ensure your project stands the test of time and oozes with quality. Choosing a wood stain will give your project endless options. All our wood stains are water based, non-toxic and odourless – perfect for creating your masterpiece in a small space or within your home.

If you are upcycling an old piece of furniture, you will have to prep the wood first before adding any wood stain or wood dye. For starters, you will need to sand it down to take off any layer of varnish or dye that is currently on the piece. This will give you the best base for your transformation. Once done, give it a quick dust to ensure the area is completely clean.

Now you are ready to add a splash of colour - and with 22 to choose from, here at Littlefair’s we are bound to have the one you are looking for. Our water based wood stains are so easy to use and quick drying. Simply add more layers of the dye to tailor it to your needs and create a more intense colour. For inspiration, the coffee table above has been finished in our Light Oak water based wood dye.

Stand the test of time

So you have spent your time and energy prepping and staining your new piece of furniture, now ensure it stands the test of time. You will want to add a finish to the piece that seals and offers protection for the colour. You are not tied down to just one option either. All our products are easy to use, just pick the one that is right for you and your project’s needs.

If your furniture is for use indoors and you would like a natural finish, choose from our four Wax Polishes. These highly water repellent waxes can easily be rubbed in to the wood using a quality cloth or paint brush.

If you need added protection and durability for your project, use one of our three Extra Strong Varnishes. The non-yellowing and quick drying varnish can be used on its own for protection of the wood stain, or applied before using one of our wax polishes to give it a soft and natural feel.

Finally, if you’re looking to use your piece of furniture outside or need it to be fully waterproof, look no further than our Superior Wood Finishing Danish Oil. As with all our products here at Littlefair’s, the product is easy to use and will provide a quality and natural looking finish. The picture below was sent to us by one of our Instagram followers and shows off our Danish Oil brilliantly!

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