What a (Chalk Paint) Finish!

For a while now, our Extra Strong Varnish has been gaining quite the reputation as an outstanding sealant for chalk paint, which is very popular in the furniture upcycling industry.

With the varnish being water based, it is extremely easy to apply with a brush or cloth, has little to no smell and your brush can just be cleaned afterwards with cold water.  

There was particular excitement yesterday in the offices of Littlefair's when we spotted our very own vanish on the Instagram home page of viral video sharing sensation Ladbible (see below, bottom right!)  Now, why on earth would our products be featuring on there, we hear you ask?

Well, Ladbible had shared a few stunning videos from Shayna Alnwick who specialises in upcycling old furniture, transforming tired pieces into beautiful, modern items.  Shayna often finishes these with Frenchic chalk paint and seals with our Extra Strong Varnish, giving them a great, trendy look.  She then sells the pieces on her website The Flipped Piece.  

Shayna refers to her company as a lockdown breakdown! Being stuck in a non creative job, she turned the first UK lockdown into something positive to 'flip' her career path and, using skills picked up from growing up in a creative household, mixed with a dedication to improve her woodworking skills, she has quickly put together a fantastic business that has now gone viral!   

Frenchic with Littlefair's Varnish

This only added to our recent excitement of securing our very first Scottish and southern England stockists! First, we got The Stitch Btch on board who are a wonderful Glasgow company specialising in all sorts from arts and crafts to T shirt printing.  Soon to follow were Truly Chic Interiors of Horsham in West Sussex who specialise in furniture upcycling and home accessories, amongst other things.

The Stitch Btch Glasgow Stockist 

(Our stock sitting proudly on the shelves of The Stitch Btch)

Again, these two new stockists are users and sellers of Frenchic.  Our water based wood dyes compliment these chalk paints beautifully, often being used on table tops, as seen here in this piece by Lilac Tree Interiors who have used our Light Sycamore on the top of this beautiful unit, with the entire piece, again, being sealed in our water based varnish (click to enlarge the pictures).

Littlefair's Light Sycamore Wood Dye, Frenchic, VarnishLittlefair's Light Sycamore Wood Dye, Frenchic, Varnish


And here is the before pic - stunning transformation, right?


If you're interested in the location of our stockists, you can find them here.

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