Fancy Stocking Our Products? Get Your Starter Pack!

We were recently contacted by a company called Edie-Mae's, a bespoke re-design service based in Dorset. Claire, who founded the company in 2014 was interested in stocking our products in their shop. She was attracted to our environmentally friendly wood stain / dye as this fits with the ethos of her company. 

This was highly interesting to us as our stockists are currently located around the North West of England so Edie-Mae's would be our first stockist to be further afield. However, this meant that Les couldn't pop in with the products for them to have a look at.

This led to us coming up with the 'Stockist Starter Pack'. In it, we have included tester kits from both our Traditional and Pastel ranges and a range of 250ml bottles for Edie-Mae's to retail in their shop. For the bottles, we have selected a range of darker and lighter shades from both ranges. This will allow the people of Dorset to try out our products, and at no cost at all to Edie-Mae's!

Stockist Starter Kit - Traditional & Pastel Wood Dye / Wood Stain

Our trusted stockists are vital to us in getting our range of wood stain / dye, varnishes, wax polish and oils out to the people of Britain and these free Starter Packs will allow potential stockists to try our products before they commit to an order. So, everybody wins!

If you feel you would be suitable to sell our products, or you know of a local retailer who might be interested, please get in touch to let us know and we'll get the next Starter Pack boxed up!

Have a great weekend folks, and don't forget to keep sharing your wonderful projects with us!