Product Spotlight: Worktop Oil

After using our water based wood dye, many customers ask us what they should use to finish their project.  They are looking for something that will add protection without distorting the high quality finish of the wood dye.  Our advice varies between each project from wax polishextra strong varnish or one of our finishing oils, depending on the project's surrounding environment. 

Many of our customers asked us what they should use to finish their worktops and this prompted us to launch our Superior Worktop Oil!

Littlefair's Superior Worktop Oil

But what exactly is Worktop Oil and why would you choose it?  Well, for a start, it has the following benefits:

  • It is very easy to apply with a cotton cloth or brush.
  • It is quick drying.
  • It gives an attractive natural soft satin sheen.
  • It has a low odour when drying and none when dry.
  • It is specially formulated to penetrate deep into all types of timber, nourishing and protecting.
  • It does not leave a surface film or varnish, and will not chip, flake, peel or crack.

Excellent for waterproofing Littlefair’s Water Based Wood Dyes, this oil will provide a tough natural finish that is safe for use on food surfaces and toys.

When and Where to Use

Littlefair’s Worktop Oil is a high-quality, natural treatment for preparing wooden worktops prior to installation and should then be used for continual oiling and maintenance. 

This oil is also idea for renovating and repairing older damaged worktops that have been re-sanded.

Application of Worktop Oil

We would recommend that you oil new wooden worktops immediately after delivery in a warm, dry place.  Most new wooden worktops will need a final sanding (start with 150 Grit then 180 Grit working along the grain).  The more coats you can apply to both sides and edges prior to installation the better.

The oil can be applied with a brush or lint free cloth and you should aim to spread it as thinly and evenly as possible.  After 10-15 minutes wipe off any excess oil then leave it until it feels dry.

Dilute the first coat with 25% white spirit and after three or four coats gently sand with 180 Grit.  This will de-nib any raised grain and create a very smooth surface. 

After installation, apply further coats.


Sharing is Caring

If you have used our Worktop Oil and fancy sharing your work, just get in touch with your photos and there's a good chance we'll share them on our social media pages!