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Littlefair's Water Based Extra Strong Varnish

Quick drying - Non Yellowing - great for Chalk Paint

Littlefair's Wood Finishing Products brings you a range of high quality water based extra strong user friendly varnishes.

Matt, Satin, Gloss

A very tough, user friendly water based varnish that is non yellowing and formulated for internal use on wooden and painted surfaces. Littlefair's Extra Strong Varnish is ideal for finishing floors, doors and table tops. It is also a fantastic finish on chalk paint.

Littlefair's Extra Strong Varnish is suitable for finishing both water and solvent based wood stains and can be waxed after the final coat with Littlefair's Wax Polish to create a durable finish with a soft feel.

Instructions: To ensure the varnish is thoroughly mixed upturn the bottle for a while and shake gently before use. Apply the first coat with a good quality brush working along the grain with light strokes. Rub back gently before the final coat with fine abrasive and remove dust with a dry brush, moist cloth or sponge. During prolonged use clean your brush with cold water periodically.
Coverage: Approximately 12 square metres per litre (one coat).




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