What's On The Menu?

Just before Christmas, we were delighted to be contacted by a company in Cornwall.  Custom Menu Holders do exactly what it says on the tin (make menu holders!) and were keen to move away from using cellulose based stain. Instead, they were looking to start finishing their beautiful products with a water based wood dye like ours.  This was a no-brainer; not only is it easy to use, a non-toxic water based product is better for the environment and odour-free. 

Custom Menu HoldersCustom Menu Holders

Having been making their own products from their Cornwall base for ten years, Custom Menu Holders have built up quite the customer base.  With their wonderful combined use of modern technology and traditional joinery skills, it isn't difficult to see why.  These menu holders aren't just mass produced, they are driven by customer requirements and each one looks absolutely stunning as the pictures above show!

Now, having made such high quality products for a number of years, high demand naturally follows.  This meant they required a lot of wood dye from ourselves and we were able to test out our new product - 25 litre drums of dye, complete with free next-day delivery! 

25ltr water based wood dye

These large drums are now available to purchase directly from us and you will find them on this website (check out our Traditional, Pastel and Special ranges).

That's it from us so all that's left to do is with you a great week.  Don't forget to share your projects with us and we'll show them off on our social media pages - you might even make the blog!