5 benefits of using the Shopify Shop App

1. Your favourite brands, all in one place!

Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms worldwide, meaning there’s a good chance your favourite brands are using it (we are!), and probably using their “Shop App” as a sales channel.

The ability to shop all your favourite brands and add multiple products from different stores to your cart (or bag as they’ve called it in the app), means that your desirables are then all in one checkout, making it quick and easy to get everything you need for your project from different places at the same time!

Download Shop App - https://shop.app

2. Easily track your order

You can then track all of your orders in one place, as well as turn on notifications so you never miss an update.

Image taken from https://shop.app/carbon-removal


3. Exclusive offers

Don’t miss our latest offers! Every now and then we might be running a campaign using the Shop App to give discounts to our customers. By purchasing on the app, or adding us to your favourites, you’ll be notified instantly, as soon as a new Shop App exclusive offer is available to you.

Image taken from https://shop.app/carbon-removal

4. Shop Pay

Another way to pay. Once you have setup Shop Pay, you can use it as a quick and secure “Express Checkout” option on our website (and other Shopify brand stores). 

5. Reduce your shopping footprint

All you have to do is choose Shop Pay at checkout and Shopify will do the rest. They fund projects that remove carbon from the air on your behalf.

For more information on Shopify’s Carbon Removal mission, visit:

Image taken from https://shop.app/carbon-removal