Friday Again!

Busy Busy!

Well, another week has flown by and it's been a hectic one at Littlefair Towers. Following the launch of our new website, we've seen a huge jump in interest in our products – and from places far and wide!

To celebrate the launch, we created an offer on the website - the first 100 customers to use the website will be given 10% off. Just enter the code LAUNCH10 at checkout! 

The internet is an incredible thing. Despite being based in a small unit in Darwen, we’re able to connect with people and companies all over Britain. One of those companies is Picturesque Reproductions to whom we recently sold 50 litres of Dark Walnut. Picturesque travel around the country providing bespoke décor for hospitality and retail spaces and it’s an absolute honour that they’ll be using our product on some of their stunning work. Check out their website here.

As we said in our last blog, it’s fascinating to know what our products will be contributing to. The beauty of our water-based wood stain is the variety of projects it can bring to life. From the huge hospitality spaces Picturesque Reproductions deliver, the smaller projects can be just as stunning. One perfect example is Adam Kelly Toy Boxes, based in Leeds. Adam finishes many of his toy boxes in our Light Oak and they look incredible! Remember, we’re keen to see what project you’re working on and we’ll soon be launching a ‘Project of the Month’ competition. So, get your pictures shared on Facebook and Twitter using #Littlefairs

Road to Nowhere

Most days, Les can be found in the workshop working on his stunning sample blocks and when he’s got a completed set, he’ll hit the road. Quite often nobody knows where he’s going, including him! He simply gets a hunch and heads in a random direction, quite often picking up a new stockist on the way there or back!  A new addition to our growing list of valued stockists recently become S & S Timber Supplies based in Blackpool who Les popped in on recently. They couldn’t help but be impressed with samples of our wood dyes and will soon be stocking our range so pay them a visit if you’re passing! Who knows where Les will get to next?!

The Doctor is in the House

In addition to our traditional and pastel ranges, we’re looking to develop our special range. The first of our wood dyes to enter this range is our unique Tardis’h Blue which bears a remarkable resemblance to a certain Police call box colour. What’s more, we discovered that we can fit 10 litres of stain into a 1 litre bottle so you definitely get your money’s worth!*

We’re always keen for feedback on our new products so please leave a review and let us know what you think – you can pick up a sample for £1.95!

Well, that's it from us for another week. We hope you enjoyed our second blog - don't hesitate to get in touch or comment below with any suggestions. Have a great weekend, folks!

Les, Rob and Marc.


*This may or may not be true