Our Six Brand Ambassadors!


Hello everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we’d like to wish you all the best for 2022!

Back in the summer of 2021 we brought on our first official brand ambassadors, Chris and Lana Macgregor and their business Blackberry Willow and David Rutherford and his business The Happy Wood Company. Then we launched a campaign, in the Autumn, to bring on board a few more. As a result of the campaign we had a lot of interest and we recruited four new brand ambassadors!

In our brand ambassadors blog that we launched in October, we featured Blackberry Willow and The Happy Wood Company, which you can read here. However, along with our four new brand ambassadors, we’ll be talking about all six of these fantastic and unique businesses representing Littlefair’s!


Blackberry Willow

We are Chris and Lana of Blackberry Willow. We are a doctor and nurse duo who have both always loved creating and making things. We have never been one to sit still in front of the TV. If we aren’t out in the woods with our tatty Patterdale terrier Obi, we are sawing, sanding, painting and generally getting dirty! Looking for a project to keep ourselves busy, Blackberry Willow was born!

We started with a few Christmas wreaths and handmade signs, and have now expanded to bespoke framed pictures, garden signs and small woodworking projects such as bath boards, blanket ladders and similar items.

We have used Littlefair’s wood dyes in our home for some time, loving the pigments and the eco-friendly ethos. So it was a natural progression for us to use them in our business. We were thrilled to be approached to be Brand Ambassadors!

Watch this space, we have much more to come!

Love, Blackberry Willow x

Driftwood Grey


The Happy Wood Company

The Happy Wood Company began through the first lockdown. I have been a Professional Guitarist and Tutor for almost 20 years, the pandemic really hit every aspect of my working life. I began working in a local workshop, making shelves, and some glue up projects, which I enjoyed. I then realised that it is possible for me to do something else other than play and teach music.

Having enjoyed some home woodwork projects I decided to see if I could make some tables. My first order was an American who had a specific idea for how he wanted the table top coloured and finished. After researching I came across Littlefair's Driftwood Grey Wood Dye. I bought it, made the table and the customer loved it. I then started to see that I could set up shop on my own. However, I did not have a workshop.

I didn't want to rent a large unit, so I decided to knock down my garage, reclaim some land around it and build my own. I bought my materials, researched everything I needed to know and after a few months of serious hard work - had myself a workshop. It was an amazing feeling that I had managed to pull this off.

I have upgraded tools, practiced using them for hours, tried different methods, finishes, waxes, dyes, boxes for packaging, brackets, gluing methods - you name it. Everything I make I have worked on countless practice samples to get it just how I think it should be.

I keep things as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, I am proud to be a Littlefair's Ambassador. Their dyes are the colours they say they are - they're fantastic. The customer service and support I get blows me away, as do their products.

I am trying new products and have so much more to add to my online store, pedalboards for guitarists, tables, benches, a whole garden furniture range - it's all exciting and I am glad that I have a company like Littlefair’s to share this journey with.

Dave // HappyWoodCo.

Driftwood Brown



Living4vintage the name for our company says it all.

From very early years I was fascinated and attracted to vintage and antiques and having quite a unique taste it all developed over the years into a fantastic hobby which grew into a successful business.

Living4vintage was established in 2014 and ever since we have grown and are still growing every day. My passion for uniqueness, colour and eclectic style had a huge impact on the furniture refinishing, restyling and repurposing. Vintage and antique furniture is built to last, exceptionally well made and I always say if the piece lasted 100 years after minor repairs, some extra screws and magical touch of paint will last another 100 years.

Why be ordinary if you and your home could be extraordinary!

Living4vintage x

Extra Strong Varnish - Matt


Rachael Hopkins Bespoke Painted Furniture

We are Rachael and Kevin, a husband and wife team, who have turned our passion of furniture and painting into a business. Established in 2013, we have continued to expand ever since. We pride ourselves on only producing furniture of exceptional quality which we are happy to put our name to. All the pieces we produce are one-of-a-kind and completely unique, unlike the mass produced furniture you often find on the high street.

The upcycling we do means we’re saving furniture otherwise destined for landfill. In purchasing from us, you’ll not only buy a little piece of history, you’ll also invest in the environment. With over forty years of carpentry and painting experience, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge along the way. We put this to use in all aspects of our work, from carrying out detailed repairs to consulting with clients on suitable colour schemes and finishes.

Thank you - Rachael & Kevin.

Sensual Soft White


Deadcrafty UK

DeadcraftyUK Ltd is a family run business that specialise in unusual and alternative homeware, all created in our little home workshop in the heart of Cornwall, UK.

At DeadcraftyUK we pride ourselves in using only reclaimed wood when creating our items, this is because we feel giving something a new life for us to enjoy is really important. Using only reclaimed wood helps slow down the need for more trees to be cut down, and is therefore super eco-friendly!

We truly take pride in creating our items and hope that you come by and give us a follow on our socials to see what we create @DeadcraftyUK.

Thank you - Rachael & Philip x

Black Ebony



WoodfindUK is a specialist in creating handmade bespoke, decorative and statement items. Every piece is unique because we place emphasis on following the natural formations of the wood rather than trying to manipulate it into something that can be mass produced.

Every piece of wood we use is obtained from local sustainable sources, varying from live edge solid oak planks and reclaimed timber to driftwood.

Our aim is to produce carbon neutral products made from sustainable materials. Our workshop is run using solar power.

Thanks, Dan.

Danish Oil

Thank you for reading all about our fantastic brand ambassadors, all of which are unique in their own creations. If you’d like to register your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for us in the future, please contact us here!