Introducing Christmas Red & Christmas Green

We couldn't wait to try out our two new festive colours, so what better way than to put them to the test with something Christmassy and crafty?

The holiday season is just around the corner, so we have crafted a beautiful wooden advent calendar as a perfect pre-Christmas gift for loved ones or as a daily treat for the countdown to the big day – using Littlefair’s Christmas Red, Christmas Green, Sensual Soft White and Dark Walnut water based Wood Dyes; finished with our water based Extra Strong Varnish in satin!

This wooden 25 drawer cabinet makes a brilliant advent calendar and looks beautifully seasonal and rustic in any home, bringing in the magic of Christmas. It even has an extra drawer for Christmas Day!

The drawer sizes are 2.5” in depth & width and 2” in height and could hold jewellery, chocolates, tea-lights and much more! For this project we’re using our new colours Christmas Red & Christmas Green! As well as our Sensual Soft White and, our favourite of the Traditional Wood Colours, Dark Walnut.

Now we'll talk you through how to replicate this project!

Create a space to be able to lay out all items comfortable for staining and drying.

Other items you will need are:
- Small containers for each of the wood dyes
- A small jug
- 4 small paint brushes (we used artist acrylic brushes)
- Sandpaper (we used 120 grit)
- Kitchen roll
- Protective gloves

Firstly, work out your colour scheme for the drawers. Sand lightly over the front of the drawers, wipe off any dust and ensure the surface is clean and dry. Then, mix the wood dyes (as per instructions) using the jug (rinse out after each use) and pour into smaller containers.

Stain each drawer front in the desired colour, using the brush along the grain, work quickly and confidently. Three coats for each colour were applied to the drawer fronts.

Allow for drying time in between coats!

Once dry, pop the drawers back into the cabinet frame to check you are happy with your colour scheme!

Now for the cabinet frame itself. Using the Dark Walnut Wood Dye, brush over each surface!

TIP: Start with the back first. It’s easier when the surface is flat so lay the cabinet flat and stain the back wall of each alcove. Then, stain one ‘shelf’ before turning the whole cabinet on it’s side. Stain another shelf, turn again and so on. This means you are always staining a flat surface.

Leave to dry!

Next, use the wood dye to colour the outside and then inside of the drawers.

Once dry, we’re nearly finished – just need to add varnish and then the numbers!

Finally, give the front of the drawers a little shine to help reflect all those fairy lights knocking about! Apply Littlefair’s Extra Strong Varnish (we used the Satin finish). The cabinet frame was left without a finish to keep a more rustic feel.

Once dried apply the wooden numbers to each drawer front with the middle one having an alternative decoration for Christmas Day itself.


Fill the drawers with gifts and surprises and enjoy!



Christmas Red and Christmas Green are now available as part of our Universal Special Colours Collection – CLICK HERE